Heart Of Stone (Rolling Stones tribute)

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  • Some favourites…

    • Paint It Black
    • Sympathy For The Devil
    • (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
    • Gimme Shelter
    • You Can’t Always Get What You Want
    • Angie
    • Brown Sugar
    • Wild Horses
    • Jumpin’ Jack Flash
    • Start Me Up
A real Rolling Stones experience

In a world full of tribute bands, HEART OF STONE stands alone in delivering the songs, look and excitement of the Rolling Stones.

HEART OF STONE brings to its audience a jaw-dropping experience that is so close to watching the actual Rolling Stones, seeing and hearing is believing.
The physical look of each member is uncannily close to their Stone counterpart, from hair, clothes, instruments, to stage movements and showmanship.

The excitement and electricity when HEART OF STONE hit the stage is immediate. You have the sensation that the Rolling Stones are right in front of you! You’ll swear Mick Believe is the real thing. He is. The vocals, swagger, acrobatic energy of his stage show doesn’t stop until the last encore.

HEART OF STONE captures the deep feel, the way the Stones play. Guitars slide and weave on five strings, atop the rock-and-swing rhythms unique to Charlie & Bill. No other band creates this but the Stones themselves.

For the total authenticity audiences crave, HEART OF STONE covers it all.

On this 50th Anniversary of the Rolling Stones, HEART OF STONE honours the world’s greatest rock band with respect and vitality, carrying the torch into the future.

Reviews so far:

“Who knows how far it spread, but Rolling Stones fans calm down.
Last week there was a rumour that the Stones were in town to rehearse for yet another world tour… It was only a rumour though, planted by someone close to the embryonic Heart of Stone… And Heart of Stone isn’t a rumour!” – Tom Harrison, Music Critic, Vancouver Province: Feb 7, 2012

Wow, this is really good. The band even looks like the Stones.
I love how the drummer lifts his right (hi-hat) stick on the 2 and 4! And the bass player holds his bass vertical like Bill. Too cool. – Jim Vallance

You guys sound great! It seems like you’ve been working hard at the look, and it shows well. You may have to start drinking heavily to catch up to Ronnie Wood – You can’t help it if you’re beautiful! Can’t wait to catch the show – Brian Holden, “Holden”

I was part of the production team for the video shoot…These guys are pros…and the best Stones tribute band I have ever seen! – Gord Taylor, Cinematographer

We were a part of the making of their video…they are fantastic! Sounded just like the Stones, amazing! – Katherine Dillon Taylor

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