Aerosmith Rocks (Aerosmith tribute)

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  • Some favourites…

    • Cryin’
    • Same Old Song
    • Walk This Way
    • Dream On
    • Love In An Elevator
    • Living On The Edge
    • Toys In The Attic
    • Eat The Rich
    • Last Child
    • Back In The Saddle
    • Pink
    • Mama Kin
    • Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
    • Jaded
    • What It Takes
    • Seasons Of Wither
Aerosmith Rocks

Aerosmith Rocks is Canada’s newest offering to Aerosmith fans from around the world.

This tribute band covers over 3 decades of the best of Aerosmith’s top selling records and radio singles. An awesome visual and audio recreation of the original.

Below is an review of an early Aerosmith Rocks demo recording, we think it sums up what we’ve worked hard to create! ^(A)^
“Aerosmith is one of rock and roll history’s most recognized, idolized, and also most covered bands.

When examining a band that grabbed the term “rock n’ roll” by the balls and shook out hit after hit while defining the way the public would perceive rock stardom, it’s no wonder why you can go to any old dive and watch a 19-year-old cover band wine “Sweet Emotion” in pleather pants. People know these songs well enough that if you were to say aloud the title of an Aerosmith hit, at least 3 others in close proximity would start to sing it.

Ladies and gentlemen, PLAYING Aerosmith songs to attract attention is easy – BEING Aerosmith, however, now that is something completely different.

I give this band 4.5 stars (and considering I’m kind of a prick, you can go ahead and take that as a 5). It isn’t common when a band can play Aersomith material and make us feel like we’re hearing it for the very first time again. The amount of responsibility that comes with this project is overwhelming – we’re talking about stepping in to the shoes of rock music’s reference manual. To take on a mission that has been tried (and failed) to death in order to come out producing something that people will actually take seriously is hard enough, let alone the fact that if you beat the odds and come out as something different than we have heard before, you’re still up against the giant of accomplishing the identity and sound of the living legend known as AERSOMITH!! So how the hell does one do that, you might ask? Let’s just ask Aerosmith Rocks. Because folks, they did it.

Let’s start with vocals. Danny Deane (let’s be honest here) is the drop in the drink that turns this party from an all-ager to adult explicit material. He has what we need from the lead singer of a Smith tribute – the crisp high end, the sustain, the “yeh-yeh-yeh-yeh”, and most importantly, that neck-tickling Steve Tyler presence that makes Aerosmith fans feel right at home – but he doesn’t down right copy the sound beyond the point of noticing the difference. I see this as a very positive and important thing.

We want to hear one of these demos, listen to a few bars of Danny’s singing and second guess ourselves a few times while we think, “Is this Aerosmith or a cover?”, then finally realize, no, it’s not Aerosmith, it’s Aerosmith Rocks, the tastiest tribute we’ve ever gotten buzzed on!

Next we have Andrew Laing and Dan Parker picking up their axes in the name of Joe Perry and Brad Whitford. Although Aersomith is more widely known for their vocals, you would be surprised at how easily a guitar player can make or break their signature sound. With covers that act as such influential cornerstones in rock guitar today, ironically it is far too easy for a guitarist to use an Aerosmith song as a basis for nothing more than a big jam session, and kill the whole groove by wanking off for obnoxious self-glorification. The intro riff to Aerosmith Rocks’ cover of “Walk this Way” is refreshingly reminiscent of the original version, in all of tone, style, and bad-ass attitude. Come solo time, I was shocked at how well all of Perry’s mysterious little licks were captured. To all those horny teenager’s with guitars and Aerosmith t-shirts out there, rockin’ a Perry solo ain’t about pinching out a diarrhea of shred after eating up too much Slayer the night before! Just take it from these guys, cause they’ve re-created one of the most bad-ass guitar duos of all time in a way that’s leaving me aching for the release of further demos.

Right on boys, keep us hungry but don’t make us starve!”

Review by Darren J.E. Woods

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